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Next Generation Collaboration

meetingRoom is the simplest way for teams to get in a room together, from anywhere

Cloud-based virtual meeting rooms for teams to collaborate from anywhere

Reduce Costs

$300 billion is spent on air travel alone each year, yet 50% of companies who invest in travel find it makes no difference to bottom line.

Improve Productivity

Reduce the cost and time your organisations spends on producing results by putting your best minds to work, face to face, from desktop to virtual reality.

Engaged Teams

Highly engaged employees report 22% higher productivity and turnover in enterprises reduces from 25%-65%. Collaborate with your team at daily, weekly or whatever way your organisation meets, face to face.



Be in the same room and bring social cues to your web conferencing. Share perspective. Get face to face.


High quality positional audio allows for immersive experience. No more distractions, just focused presence.


Make better ideas come to life in virtual reality. Natural physical interactions for a natural working experience.

Engaged Collaboration

Work together more effectively than ever before. Being the tools you already know and love to work.

Optimised for Agile

Run a stand up, from anywhere. Get face to face with your team, all you have to do is log in to get in the same room. Less dropped calls and more effective meetings.


Built for the ground up for mobile, desktop and virtual reality, so everybody on your team can get in a room together.

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